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Aesop's Fables by  J. H. Stickney





HEN who had no nest of her own found some eggs, and, in the kindness of her heart, thought she would take care of them, and keep them warm.

But they were the eggs of a viper; and by and by the little snakes began to come out of the shell.

A Swallow, who was passing, stopped to look at them.

"What a foolish creature you were, to hatch those eggs!" said the Swallow. "Don't you know that as soon as the little snakes grow big enough, they will bite some one—probably you first of all?"

"Then," said the Hen, as she stood on one leg and looked at the ugly little snakes, first with on eye and [71] then with the other, "you think I have done more harm then good?"

"I certainly do," said the Swallow, as she flew away. "Good judgment is better than thoughtless kindness."

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