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Aesop's Fables by  J. H. Stickney





KID coming home alone one night met a big Wolf. "Oh, oh, I know you will kill me," said the little Kid; "but please play me a tune, so that I may have one more dance before I die; I am so fond of dancing."

"Very well," said the Wolf, "I will try, for I should like to see you dance before I eat you."

Then the Wolf took up the shepherd's pipe that was lying near, and began to play. But while he was playing, and the Kid was dancing a jig, the Dogs heard the sound, ad came running up.

"It is my own fault," said the Wolf, as the Dogs caught him. "My business is to kill Kids and eat them, and [24] not to play for them to dance. Why did I try to be a Piper, when I am really only a Butcher?"

"You didn't play very well, either," said the Kid.

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