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Aesop's Fables by  J. H. Stickney




DRUM once boasted to a Vase of Sweet Herbs in this way: "Listen to me! My voice is loud and can be heard far off. I stir the hearts of men so that when they hear my bold roaring they march out bravely to battle."

The Vase spoke no words, but gave out a fine, sweet perfume, which filled the air and seemed to say: "I cannot speak, and it is not well to be proud, but I am full of good things that [58] are hidden within me, and that gladly come forth to give cheer and comfort. People are drawn to me in their need, and they remember me afterward with gratitude. But you have nothing in you but noise, and you must be struck to make you give that out. I would not boast so much if I were you."

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