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Buccaneers and Pirates of Our Coasts by  Frank R. Stockton




The Battle of the Sand Bars
The Bold Buccaneers
Bonnet Again to the Front
A Buccaneer Boom
Exit Buccaneer; Enter Pirate
The Great Blackbeard comes upon the Stage
A Greenhorn under the Black Flag
How Bartholemy Rested Himself
How Morgan was Helped by Some Religious People
A Just Reward
Peter the Great
A Pirate Author
A Pirate Potentate
A Pirate from Boyhood
The Pirate of the Buried Treasure
A Pirate of the Gulf
The Pirate who Could not Swim
A Piratical Aftermath
Pupils in Piracy
The Real Captain Kidd
A Resurrected Pirate
A Six Weeks' Pirate
Some Masters in Piracy
The Story of L'Olonnois the Cruel
The Story of Roc the Brazilian
The Story of Two Women Pirates
The Story of a High-Minded Pirate
The Story of a Pearl Pirate
The Surprising Adventures of Bartholemy Portuguez
A Tight Place for Morgan
A True-Hearted Sailor Draws
Villany on a Grand Scale

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