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The Awakening of Europe by  M. B. Synge

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The Awakening of Europe
by M. B. Synge
Book III of the Story of the World series. Covers the reformation in Germany, the Netherlands, France, and England, as well as the settlement of colonies in America. The rise of England and the Netherlands as sea powers, and the corresponding fall of Spain, as well as the rise of Russia, Austria, and the German states are also presented.  Ages 11-18
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1. Dutch Republic. Motley.
  General Sketch of European History. Freeman.
  Holland. Rogers. Story of the Nations.
4. Short History of the English People. The New Learning. Green.
  Erasmus. Emerton. Heroes of the Reformation.
5. Martin Luther. Jacobs. Heroes of the Reformation.
  Luther. Carlyle's Heroes and Hero-Worship.
7. Dutch Republic. Motley.
10. William the Silent. F. Harrison. Foreign Statesmen.
11. Henry of Navarre and the Huguenots in France. Willert. Heroes of the Nations.
  History of France. Vol. ii. Kitchin.
14. Students' History of England. Vol. ii. S. Gardiner.
  Short History of the English People. Green.
15. The Age of Elizabeth. Creighton. Epochs of Modern History.
  English Seamen in the Sixteenth Century. Froude.
16. Life of Drake. Corbett. English Men of Action.
17. The Armada. Macaulay's Lays.
  Students' History of England. S. Gardiner.
  Short History of the English People. Green.
  Short Studies on Great Subjects. Froude.
  Westward Ho!  (Fiction.) Kingsley.
18. Short Studies on Great Subjects. Froude. England's Forgotten Worthies.
19. Sir Humphrey Gilbert. (Poem.) Longfellow.
  America. Doyle. Macmillan's Historical Course.
20. Life of Sir Walter Raleigh. M. Hume. Builders of Greater Britain.
  Raleigh and his Times. Vol. i. Kingsley's Miscellanies.
21. The Revenge. (Poem.) Tennyson.
22. Discovery of Guiana. Raleigh. (Cassell's National Library, 3d.)
23. The Fairy Queen. (Poem.) Spenser.
  St George and the Dragon, in Penny Poets' edition, No. 18.
  Life of Spenser. Church. English Men of Letters.
24. Shakspere. Primer. Dowden. Ed. J. R. Green.
  Merchant of Venice. (Play.) Shakspere.
  Shakspere. Carlyle's Heroes and Hero-Worship.
25. Life of Elizabeth. Beesly. Twelve English Statesmen.
  See also The Building of the Empire. The Story of England's Growth From Elizabeth to Victoria. Vol. i.
  The Puritan Revolution. (1603-1660.) S. Gardiner. Epochs of Modern History.
26. John Davis, the Navigator. Markham. The World's Great Explorers.
29. Story of Canada. Kennedy. Empire Series.
  Canada. Bourinot. Story of the Nations.
30. The Courtship of Miles Standish. (Poem.) Longfellow.
  Short History of the English People. Green.
31. Thirty Years' War. S. Gardiner. Epochs of Modern History.
  Gustavus Adolphus and the Struggle of Protestantism for Existence. Fletcher. Heroes of the Nations.
33. Story of Geographical Discovery. Jacobs.
  Story of Australia. Flora Shaw. Empire Series.
  European Colonies. Payne. Macmillan's Historical Course.
34. Story of South Africa. Basil Worsfold. Empire Series.
  South Africa. Theal. Story of the Nations.
35. Life of Oliver Cromwell. F. Harrison. Twelve English Statesmen.
  Life of Oliver Cromwell. S. Gardiner.
  See Sonnet on Cromwell. Milton.
  English Restoration and Louis XIV. (1648-1679.) Airy. Epochs of Modern History.
35. Admiral Blake. Hannay. English Worthies edition. Andrew Lang.
38. America. Doyle. Macmillan's Historical Course.
  Short History of the English People. Green.
39. The Pilgrim's Progress. John Bunyan.
  Life of Bunyan. Froude. English Men of Letters. Ed. Morley.
40. William III. Traill. Twelve English Statesmen.
42. Ireland. E. Lawless. Story of the Nations.
44. Louis XIV. and the Zenith of the French Monarchy. Hassall. Heroes of the Nations.
  Louis XIV. Wakeman. Foreign Statesmen.
46. Life of Marlborough. Saintsbury. English Worthies.
47. The Battle of Blenheim. (Poem.) Southey.
  Histories of England as above.
49. Charles XII. and the Collapse of the Swedish Empire. (1682-1719.) Nisbet Bain. Heroes of the Nations.
  Charles XII. Voltaire.
50. Frederick the Great. Carlyle.
  Frederick the Great and the Seven Years' War. Longman. Epochs of Modern History.
52. Maria Theresa. F. Bright. Foreign Statesmen.
53. Scotland. Mackintosh. Story of the Nations.

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