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The Discovery of New Worlds by  M. B. Synge

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  General Sketch of European History. Freeman.
  Europe. Primer. Freeman.
  Roman Empire of Second Century. Capes. Epochs of Modern History.
  Students' Roman Empire. Bury.
  Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire. Gibbons. Students' Edition.
  History of Rome. Robinson.
6. Pliny's Letters.
  Last Days of Pompeii. (Fiction.) Bulwer Lytton.
7. Meditations of Marcus Aurelius.
10. Byzantine Empire. Oman. (330-1453.) Story of the Nations.
11. Beginning of the Middle Ages. (500-1000). Church. Epochs.
  The Goths. Bradley. Story of the Nations.
  Theodoric the Goth. Hodgkin. Heroes of the Nations.
12. The Dark Ages. Oman.
13. King Arthur. Malory.
  Morte d'Arthur. Tennyson.
14. Charlemagne. Hodgkin. Foreign Statesmen Series.
  Charlemagne. Davis. Heroes of the Nations.
  The Franks. Story of the Nations.
15. The Normans in Europe. (850-1154.) Johnson. Epochs.
  The Normans. Story of the Nations.
  Hereward the Wake. (Fiction.) Kingsley.
16. William the Conqueror. Freeman. Twelve English Statesmen.
  Harold. (Fiction.) Lytton.
  Harold. (Play.) Tennyson.
17. The Cid. Campeader. Heroes of the Nations.
  Spain. Story of the Nations.
18. Crusades. Cox. Epochs of Modern History.
  Crusades. Story of the Nations.
  Jerusalem Delivered. Tasso. Transl. Bohn Library.
19. Germany. Baring-Gould. Story of the Nations.
20. Saladin. Lane-Poole. Heroes of the Nations.
  Talisman. (Fiction.) Sir W. Scott.
21. Essays on Chivalry and Romance. Sir W. Scott.
22. Venice. Sonnet by Wordsworth.
  Venice. Story of the Nations.
  Venetian Studies. Horatio Brown.
23. European Colonies. Payne. Macmillan's Historical Course.
  Story of Geographical Discovery. Jacobs. Newnes.
  Polo's Voyages and Travels. Bohn Library.
24. Dante's Vision of Hell, Purgatory, and Paradise. Transl. Cary.
  Dante in Carlyle's Heroes and Hero-Worship.
25. Joan of Arc. Heroes of the Nations.
  Maid of Orleans. Schiller. Transl. in Bohn Library.
  Short History of English People. Green.
26. Prince Henry the Navigator. Heroes of the Nations.
  Portugal. Story of the Nations.
  The Lusiads. Camoens. Transl. Bohn Library.
30. South Africa. Theal. Story of the Nations.
  Story of S. Africa. Worsfold. Story of the Empire Series.
32. Story of India. Boulger. Story of the Empire Series.
34. Albuquerque. Hunter. Rulers of India Series.
35. Christopher Columbus. Washington Irving.
36. The Moors in Spain. Story of the Nations.
  Ferdinand and Isabella. Prescott.
37. The Conquerors of the New World. Sir A. Helps.
41. John Cabot and his Sons. Beazley. Builders of Greater Britain.
46. Conquest of Mexico. Prescott.
49. Conquest of Peru. Prescott.

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