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On the Shores of the Great Sea by  M. B. Synge

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On the Shores of the Great Sea
by M. B. Synge
Book I of the Story of the World series. Focuses on the civilizations surrounding the Mediterranean Sea from the time of Abraham to the birth of Christ. Brief histories of the Ancient Israelites, Phoenicians, Egyptians, Scythians, Persians, Greeks, and Romans are given, concluding with the conquest of the entire Mediterranean by Rome. Important myths and legends that preceded recorded history are also related.  Ages 9-18
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[201] IT will be noted that the Bible chronology has been used in this book, and that any mention of Egyptian chronology has been purposely omitted, for the reason that it is a subject under deep discussion, and that no satisfactory conclusion has yet been arrived at. See article on Chronology in 'Bible Treasury.'

A few books are here suggested as a help to this period—from the days of Abraham to the Birth of Christ.

1-15. The Illustrated Bible Treasury  in Nelson's Bible.
  The Story of Extinct Civilisations of the East. Anderson.
  Egypt, Phœnicia, Carthage. The Story of the Nations Series. Illust.
  Dwellers on the Nile. Budge. By-Paths of Bible Knowledge. Illust.
  Babylonian Life and History. Budge. By-Paths of Bible Knowledge. Illust.
16 and onwards. Primer on Greece. Fyffe.
  Smith's Smaller History of Greece.
  Primer on Europe. Freeman.
16. The Heroes. Kingsley. Temple Classics.
17. Iliad. Homer. Blackwoods' Ancient Classics.
  Stories from Homer. Church. Illust.
  Æneid. Virgil. Blackwoods' Ancient Classics.
  Stories from Virgil. Church. Illust.
18. Odyssey. Homer. Blackwoods' Ancient Classics.
  The Odyssey. Butcher & Lang. Illust.
24-28. Greeks and Persians. Cox. Epochs of Ancient History.
31,32. Athenian Empire. Cos. Epochs of Ancient History.
  Life of Pericles. Plutarch. Cassell's National Library, No. 50
  Greece in the Age of Pericles. Grant.
33. The Trial and Death of Socrates. Transl. by Church.
34 and onwards. Early Rome. Epochs of Ancient History.
  Smith's Smaller History of Rome.
  Rome. Gilman. Story of the Nations.
36. Horatius. Macaulay's Lays of Ancient Rome. Masterpiece Library.
37. Coriolanus. Shakspere. Cassell's National Library.
  Coriolanus. Plutarch's Lives. Cassell's National Library, No. 25
38. Alexander the Great. Plutarch. Cassell's National Library, No. 9
  Alexander the Great. Story of the Nations.
45. Carthage. Story of the Nations.
  Hannibal. Heroes of the Nations.
  Rome and Carthage. Epochs of Ancient History.
50. Julius Cæsar. Heroes of the Nations.
  Julius Cæsar. Plutarch. Cassell's National Library, No. 9
  Julius Cæsar. Shakspere. Cassell's National Library.
  Julius Cæsar. A Study by Froude.

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