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The Struggle for Sea Power by  M. B. Synge



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1. Primer of Indian History. Wheeler.
  Story of India. Boulger. Empire Series.
  British India. Frazer. Story of the Nations.
  Life of Akbar and Aurangzeb. Rulers of India. Ed. by Sir W. W. Hunter.
2. Clive. Malleson. Rulers of India.
  Dupleix. Malleson. Rulers of India.
  Essay on Clive. Macaulay.
3. Rise of the British Dominion in India. Lyall.
4. America. Doyle. Macmillan's Historical Course.
  Canada. Bourinot. Story of the Nations.
  Story of Canada. Kennedy. Empire Series.
  Evangeline. (Poem.) Longfellow.
5. George Washington. Washington Irving.
  George Washington. Johnston. Great Commanders Series.
  George Washington. Lodge. American Statesmen Series.
  The Virginians. (Fiction.) Thackeray.
6. William Pitt, Earl of Chatham, and the Growth and Division of the British Empire. 1708-1778. Green. Heroes of the Nations.
  Short History of the English People. Greene.
7. Wolfe. Bradley. English Men of Action.
  The Fight with France for North America. Bradley.
  Canada under British Rule. 1760-1900. Bourinot. Cambridge Historical Series.
  Montcalm and Wolfe. Parkman.
9. United States of America. 1765-1865. Channing. Cambridge Historical Series.
  Short History of the United States. Justin M'Carthy.
10. War of American Independence. 1775-1783. Longman's Modern History Epochs.
11. Captain Cook. English Men of Action.
  Cook's Voyages. Ed. M. B. Synge. (Nelson's).
  History of the Australasian Colonies to 1893. Jenks. Cambridge Historical Series.
12. Bruce and the Nile. World's Great Explorers.
  Story of Geographical Discovery. Jacobs. (Newnes).
13. Warren Hastings. Trotter. Rulers of India Series.
  Warren Hastings. Essay by Macaulay.
  Burke. Morley. English Men of Letters.
  Rise of the British Dominion in India. Lyall.
  British India. Frazer. Story of the Nations.
14. French Revolution. Carlyle.
  French Revolution. Gardiner. Longman's Epochs of Modern History.
  French Revolution. Mallet. University Extension Manual.
  History of Modern Europe. In 6 vols. Dyer and Hassan. Vol. v. (1789-1815).
  A Tale of Two Cities. (Fiction.) Dickens.
18. Napoleon. J. H. Rose.
  Napoleon: Warrior and Ruler, and the Military Supremacy of Revolutionary France. Morris. Heroes of the Nations.
  Napoleon. Seeley.
19. Nelson: Embodiment of the Sea Power of Great Britain. Mahan.
  Nelson and the Naval Supremacy of England. Clark Russell. Heroes of the Nations.
  Nelson. Southey.
20. Mungo Park and the Niger. The World's Great Explorers.
  Mungo Park. Maclachlan. Famous Scots Series.
21. Humboldt's Travels.
22. History of Modern Europe. Dyer and Hassall. Vol. v. (1789.1815.)
  Modern Europe. Fyffe. In 1 vol. (1792-1878.)
  Lives of Nelson and Napoleon, as above.
29. Wellington. Sir Herbert Maxwell.
  Wellington. Lord Roberts.
  Wellington. Hooper. English Men of Action.
  Ode on the Death of the Duke of Wellington. Tennyson.
30. Story of South Africa. B. Worsfold. Empire Series.
  South Africa. Theal. Story of the Nations.
31. Story of Australia. Flora Shaw. Empire Series.
  Admiral Arthur Phillip: the Founding of New South Wales. Builders of Greater Britain.
  History of the Australasian Colonies. Jenks. Cambridge Historical Series.
32. History of Slavery and Serfdom. Ingram.
33. Modern Europe. Fyffe.
  Lives of Wellington, as above.
36. Austria. Story of the Nations.
38. America. Doyle. Macmillan's Historical Series.
  United States of America. (1765-1865.) Channing.
  Short History of United States. J. M'Carthy.
43. Life of Watt. Smiles.
  Life of Stephenson. Smiles.
  Lives of the Engineers. Smiles. Vols. iv. and v. Steam-engines and Locomotives.
44. Lives of Napoleon and Wellington, as above.
  Modern Europe. Fyffe.
  History of Modern Europe. Dyer and Hassan. Vol. v. (1789-1815.)
  Vanity Fair. (Fiction.) Thackeray.

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