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In the Days of Alfred the Great by  Eva March Tappan

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In the Days of Alfred the Great
by Eva March Tappan
Story of the life of Alfred the Great, how at twenty-two he inherited a land overrun by savage pirates,a restless, ignorant, defenseless land, and how he fought the Danes and restored the country to a condition of peace and safety.  Ages 11-15
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[v] SHARING in the special interest in Alfred the Great that is aroused by the near approach of the one thousandth anniversary of the last year of his life, I have found it a real pleasure to write this story of a "blameless king." However faulty it may be, it is, at least, the result of a thoughtful study of his character, and an earnest effort to be as accurate as the scantiness of material and the thousand years' interval would permit.

Little of the legendary, less of the miraculous, has obscured the fame of the real Alfred. His deeds are his own,—great in themselves, greater in that they are the manifestation of the thought of a great mind. Even in "that fierce light which beats upon a throne," it is hard to find a flaw in the character of this man who believed in God, this king who never failed to do his best.


   April, 1900



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