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The Story of the Cid For Young People by  Calvin Dill Wilson
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ALL young people should know as much as they can of the great deeds that have been done and of the careers of the chief heroes of mankind. For, while most of our lives are placed amid ordinary surroundings, the knowledge of what others have been able to do, in the presence of difficulties vaster than ours, makes us braver and stronger to battle with our own circumstances. It is good also to read of great lives for information, that we may be familiar with famous characters as they are referred to in other books or in conversation.

No hero has ever won a larger place in song and story than he who is called "The Cid," and no history is more entertaining or fuller of incident. This story has never heretofore been put into simple language and form suitable for young readers, and we are sure that this edition will carry the heroic tale into many young minds and hearts.

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THIS edition of the "Story of the Cid" is founded upon the translation of Southey. That version is too archaic in language and too prolix to be suited to young readers; we trust that this adaptation may bring the great tale to many youthful minds to whom the Cid is now but a meaningless name.

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