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Children's Stories of the Great Scientists by  Henrietta Christian Wright
Table of Contents




Agassiz and the Story of the Animal Kingdom
Charles Linnaeus and the Story of the Flowers
Charles Lyell and the Story of Rocks
Cuvier and the Animals of the Past
Darwin and Huxley
Davy, and Nature's Magicians
Faraday and the Production of Electricity
Franklin and the Identity of Lightning
Galileo and the Wonders of the Telescope
Herschel and the Story of the Stars
Humboldt and Nature in the New World
Kepler and the Pathways of the Planet
Kirchoff and the Story Told by Sunbeam and Starbea
Newton and the Finding of the World Secret
Rumford and the Relations of Motion and Heat
Tyndall and Diamagnetism and Radiant Heat

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