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The Best Online Classic Children's Books

By Genre

511 Books in All Genres

   Lulu Maude Chance,  Little Folks of Many Lands
   Gerald W. Johnson,  America Grows Up

Animal Stories

   Arthur Scott Bailey,  The Tale of Jolly Robin
   Edmund Selous,  Tommy Smith at the Zoo


   Carolyn Sherwin Bailey,  For the Children's Hour
   Agnes Taylor Ketchum,  Kindergarten Gems
   Horace Elisha Scudder,  The Children's Book


   Frederick J. Glass,  Drawing, Design, and Craft-Work
   Marion Hudson,  Brushwork
   Jennie Ellis Keysor,  Great Artists: Volume Five
   Jennie Ellis Keysor,  Great Artists: Volume Four
   Jennie Ellis Keysor,  Great Artists: Volume One
   Jennie Ellis Keysor,  Great Artists: Volume Three
   Jennie Ellis Keysor,  Great Artists: Volume Two
   Ednah Anne Rich,  Paper Sloyd for Primary Grades
   Hermione Unwin,  A Manual of Clay-Modelling


   Jacob Abbott,  Alexander the Great
   Jacob Abbott,  Alfred the Great
   Jacob Abbott,  Charles I
   Jacob Abbott,  Charles II
   Jacob Abbott,  Cleopatra
   Jacob Abbott,  Cyrus the Great
   Jacob Abbott,  Darius the Great
   Jacob Abbott,  Genghis Khan
   Jacob Abbott,  Hannibal
   Jacob Abbott,  Julius Caesar
   Jacob Abbott,  Margaret of Anjou
   Jacob Abbott,  Mary Queen of Scots
   Jacob Abbott,  Nero
   Jacob Abbott,  Peter the Great
   Jacob Abbott,  Pyrrhus
   Jacob Abbott,  Queen Elizabeth
   Jacob Abbott,  Richard I
   Jacob Abbott,  Richard II
   Jacob Abbott,  Richard III
   Jacob Abbott,  Romulus
   Jacob Abbott,  William the Conqueror
   Jacob Abbott,  Xerxes
   John S. C. Abbott,  Joseph Bonaparte
   Gabriel Audisio,  Harun Al-Rashid, Caliph of Bagdad
   Frank P. Bachman,  Great Inventors and Their Inventions
   James Baldwin,  Fifty Famous People
   James Baldwin,  Fifty Famous Stories Retold
   James Baldwin,  Four Great Americans
   James Baldwin,  In My Youth
   James Baldwin,  Thirty More Famous Stories Retold
   E. S. Brooks,  Historic Boys
   E. S. Brooks,  Historic Girls
   Ian D. Colvin,  Cecil Rhodes
   Charles A. Eastman,  Indian Heroes and Great Chieftains
   Edward Eggleston,  Stories of Great Americans for Little Americans
   Mrs. Oliver Elton,  The Story of Sir Francis Drake
   Charles R. Gibson,  Stories of the Great Scientists
   Vautier Golding,  The Story of David Livingstone
   Vautier Golding,  The Story of H. M. Stanley
   F. J. Gould,  The Children's Plutarch: Tales of the Greeks
   F. J. Gould,  The Children's Plutarch: Tales of the Romans
   John H. Haaren,  Famous Men of Greece
   John H. Haaren,  Famous Men of Modern Times
   John H. Haaren,  Famous Men of Rome
   John H. Haaren,  Famous Men of the Middle Ages
   Mary A. Hamilton,  The Story of Abraham Lincoln
   Oliver Otis Howard,  Isabella of Castile
   Frederick W. Hutchinson,  The Men Who Found America
   Gladys M. Imlach,  The Story of Columbus
   Rosalie Kaufman,  Our Young Folks' Plutarch
   Margaret Duncan Kelly,  The Story of Sir Walter Raleigh
   Andrew Lang,  The Story of Joan of Arc
   Jeanie Lang,  The Story of General Gordon
   Jeanie Lang,  The Story of Robert Bruce
   John Lang,  The Story of Captain Cook
   John Lang,  The Story of Lord Clive
   Mrs. Frewen Lord,  Tales from Canterbury Cathedral
   Mrs. Frewen Lord,  Tales from St. Paul's Cathedral
   Hamilton Wright Mabie,  Heroes Every Child Should Know
   H. E. Marshall,  The Story of Napoleon
   H. E. Marshall,  Through Great Britain and Ireland With Cromwell
   J. Walker McSpadden,  Boys' Book of Famous Soldiers
   Frederick A. Ober,  Amerigo Vespucci
   Frederick A. Ober,  Balboa
   Frederick A. Ober,  Ferdinand Magellan
   Frederick A. Ober,  Fernando De Soto
   Frederick A. Ober,  Hernando Cortes
   Frederick A. Ober,  Juan Ponce de Leon
   Frances M. Perry,  Four American Inventors
   Laura E. Richards,  Florence Nightingale
   Francis Jameson Rowbotham,  Story Lives of Great Scientists
   Edmund F. Sellar,  The Story of Lord Roberts
   Edmund F. Sellar,  The Story of Nelson
   Gertrude van Duyn Southworth,  Builders of Our Country: Book II
   Amy Steedman,  Knights of Art, Stories of the Italian Painters
   M. B. Synge,  Great Englishmen
   M. B. Synge,  Great Englishwomen
   M. B. Synge,  Life of Gladstone
   Eva March Tappan,  European Hero Stories
   Eva March Tappan,  Heroes of the Middle Ages
   Eva March Tappan,  In the Days of Alfred the Great
   Eva March Tappan,  In the Days of Queen Elizabeth
   Eva March Tappan,  In the Days of Queen Victoria
   Eva March Tappan,  In the Days of William the Conqueror
   Eva March Tappan,  Old World Hero Stories, Vol. I
   W. H. Weston,  Plutarch's Lives for Boys and Girls
   Henrietta Christian Wright,  Children's Stories of the Great Scientists


   Paul Reinsch,  The Young Citizen's Reader


   Harriette Taylor Treadwell,  Primary Reading and Literature, A Manual for Teachers


   Ellen C. Babbitt,  Jataka Tales
   Ellen C. Babbitt,  More Jataka Tales
   Catherine T. Bryce,  Fables from Afar
   Maude Barrows Dutton,  The Tortoise and the Geese and Other Fables of Bidpai
   Violet Partington,  French Fables in Action
   P. V. Ramaswami Raju,  Indian Fables
   Horace Elisha Scudder,  The Book of Fables and Folk Stories
   Marie L. Shedlock,  Eastern Stories and Legends
   J. H. Stickney,  Aesop's Fables
   Milo Winter,  The Aesop for Children

Fairy Tales

   Raymond Macdonald Alden,  Why the Chimes Rang
   Hans Christian Andersen,  Wonder Stories Told for Children
   William H. Barker,  West African Folk-Tales
   Madge A. Bingham,  Overheard in Fairyland
   Frances Browne,  Granny's Wonderful Chair
   Padraic Colum,  The Girl Who Sat by the Ashes
   Penrhyn W. Coussens,  A Child's Book of Stories
   George Webbe Dasent,  Popular Tales from the Norse
   Parker Fillmore,  Czechoslovak Fairy Tales
   William E. Griffis,  Dutch Fairy Tales
   William E. Griffis,  Fairy Tales of Old Japan
   Elizabeth Harrison,  In Story-land
   Margaret Hunt,  Grimm's Household Tales
   Joseph Jacobs,  Celtic Fairy Tales
   Joseph Jacobs,  English Fairy Tales
   Joseph Jacobs,  Indian Folk and Fairy Tales
   Clifton Johnson,  The Oak-Tree Fairy Book
   Rudyard Kipling,  Just So Stories
   Andrew Lang,  The Arabian Nights Entertainments
   Andrew Lang,  The Blue Fairy Book
   Andrew Lang,  The Red Fairy Book
   Mary Macgregor,  Stories from the Ballads Told to the Children
   Seumas MacManus,  Donegal Fairy Stories
   Seumas MacManus,  In Chimney Corners
   Ethel L. McPherson,  Native Fairy Tales of South Africa
   Dinah Maria Mulock,  The Fairy Book
   Frances Jenkins Olcott,  Grimm's Fairy Tales
   Baroness Emmuska Orczy,  Old Hungarian Fairy Tales
   Beatrix Potter,  The Tailor of Gloucester
   Howard Pyle,  Pepper and Salt
   Howard Pyle,  The Wonder Clock
   Arthur Ransome,  Old Peter's Russian Tales
   Louis Rhead,  Hans Andersen's Fairy Tales and Wonder Stories
   Lisa M. Ripperton,  The Rainbow Book of Fairy Tales for Five-Year-Olds
   Lisa M. Ripperton,  The Rainbow Book of Fairy Tales for Four-Year-Olds
   Lisa M. Ripperton,  The Rainbow Book of Fairy Tales for Six-Year-Olds
   John Ruskin,  The King of the Golden River
   Amy Steedman,  Nursery Tales Told to the Children
   Flora Annie Steel,  English Fairy Tales
   Flora Annie Steel,  Tales of the Punjab
   Kate Douglas Wiggin,  The Fairy Ring
   Kate Douglas Wiggin,  Fairy Stories Every Child Should Know


   Jesse Lyman Hurlbut,  Hurlbut's Story of the Bible
   J. Paterson Smyth,  The Book of Genesis
   J. Paterson Smyth,  A Boys and Girls Life of Christ
   J. Paterson Smyth,  Joshua and the Judges
   J. Paterson Smyth,  Moses and the Exodus
   J. Paterson Smyth,  The Prophets and Kings
   J. Paterson Smyth,  St. Mark
   J. Paterson Smyth,  St. Matthew
   J. Paterson Smyth,  When the Christ Came—The Road to Jerusalem
   Amy Steedman,  The Nursery Book of Bible Stories

Faith Stories

   James Baldwin,  An American Book of Golden Deeds
   Abbie Farwell Brown,  The Book of Saints and Friendly Beasts
   John Bunyan,  The Pilgrim's Progress
   William Canton,  A Child's Book of Saints
   William Canton,  A Child's Book of Warriors
   F. J. Harvey Darton,  The Seven Champions of Christendom
   Agnes M. Dunne,  After Long Years and Other Stories
   Charles A. Eastman,  The Soul of the Indian
   Margaret S. Gatty,  Parables from Nature
   Grace Hall,  Stories of the Saints
   George Hodges,  Saints and Heroes Since the Middle Ages
   George Hodges,  Saints and Heroes to the End of the Middle Ages
   George Hodges,  When the King Came: Stories from the Four Gospels
   Sophie Jewett,  God's Troubadour, The Story of St. Francis of Assisi
   Selma Lagerlöf,  Christ Legends
   Mrs. Lang,  The Book of Saints and Heroes
   Maud Lindsay,  Mother Stories
   Mary Macgregor,  Stories from Pilgrim's Progress
   Mary Macgregor,  The Story of Saint Christopher
   Laura E. Richards,  The Golden Windows
   Annie Trumbull Slosson,  Story-tell Lib
   Amy Steedman,  In God's Garden
   Amy Steedman,  Legends and Stories of Italy
   Amy Steedman,  Our Island Saints


   Jane Andrews,  Ten Boys Who Lived on the Road from Long Ago to Now
   Carolyn Sherwin Bailey,  Boys and Girls of Colonial Days
   James Baldwin,  Robinson Crusoe Written Anew for Children
   James Baldwin,  Stories of Don Quixote Written Anew for Children
   Robert M. Ballantyne,  The Coral Island
   L. Frank Baum,  The Land of Oz
   Frances Hodgson Burnett,  A Little Princess
   Edgar Rice Burroughs,  Jungle Tales of Tarzan
   Edgar Rice Burroughs,  Tarzan of the Apes
   Edgar Rice Burroughs,  The Return of Tarzan
   Alfred J. Church,  The Burning of Rome
   Alfred J. Church,  Callias - The Fall of Athens
   Alfred J. Church,  The Chantry Priest of Barnet
   Alfred J. Church,  The Count on the Saxon Shore
   Alfred J. Church,  The Crown of Pine
   Alfred J. Church,  The Hammer
   Alfred J. Church,  Lords of the World
   Alfred J. Church,  Lucius. Adventures of a Roman Boy
   Alfred J. Church,  Three Greek Children
   Alfred J. Church,  To the Lions
   Alfred J. Church,  With the King at Oxford
   Alfred J. Church,  A Young Macedonian in the Army of Alexander the Great
   Julia Darrow Cowles,  Our Little Athenian Cousin of Long Ago
   Louisa de la Ramée,  A Dog of Flanders
   Juliana Horatia Ewing,  Jan of the Windmill
   Dorothy Canfield Fisher,  Understood Betsy
   Allen French,  The Story of Rolf and the Viking's Bow
   Harry W. French,  The Lance of Kanana
   Edward E. Hale,  The Man Without a Country
   Rudyard Kipling,  The Jungle Book
   Louise Lamprey,  In the Days of the Guild
   Jack London,  Call of the Wild
   George MacDonald,  At the Back of the North Wind
   George MacDonald,  The Princess and Curdie
   George MacDonald,  The Princess and the Goblin
   Margaret Warner Morley,  Donkey John of the Toy Valley
   Frederick A. Ober,  For Prey and Spoils
   James Otis,  Peter of New Amsterdam
   James Otis,  Richard of Jamestown
   James Otis,  Ruth of Boston
   James Otis,  Stephen of Philadelphia
   Lucy Fitch Perkins,  The Belgian Twins
   Lucy Fitch Perkins,  The Dutch Twins
   Lucy Fitch Perkins,  The Eskimo Twins
   Lucy Fitch Perkins,  The French Twins
   Lucy Fitch Perkins,  The Japanese Twins
   Lucy Fitch Perkins,  The Mexican Twins
   Lucy Fitch Perkins,  The Puritan Twins
   Lucy Fitch Perkins,  The Scotch Twins
   Lucy Fitch Perkins,  The Spartan Twins
   Lucy Fitch Perkins,  The Swiss Twins
   Eleanor H. Porter,  Just David
   Howard Pyle,  Men of Iron
   Howard Pyle,  Otto of the Silver Hand
   Laura Woolsey Lord Scales,  Boys of the Ages
   Sir Walter Scott,  The Talisman
   Flora Annie Steel,  The Adventures of Akbar
   Evaleen Stein,  Gabriel and the Hour Book
   Evaleen Stein,  Our Little Celtic Cousin of Long Ago
   Evaleen Stein,  Our Little Crusader Cousin of Long Ago
   Evaleen Stein,  Our Little Frankish Cousin of Long Ago
   Evaleen Stein,  Our Little Norman Cousin of Long Ago
   Robert Louis Stevenson,  Treasure Island
   Various Writers,  Short Story Collection
   Charlotte M. Yonge,  The Little Duke


   Edith A. Browne,  Peeps at Many Lands : Spain
   Edith A. Browne,  Peeps at Many Lands: Panama
   Edith A. Browne,  Peeps at Many Lands: South America
   Agnes M. Goodall,  Peeps at Many Lands: Portugal
   C. C. Long,  Home Geography
   Charlotte Mason,  The Counties of England


   Jane Marcet,  Mary's Grammar


   John S. C. Abbott,  The Romance of Spanish History
   John Bonner,  A Child's History of Spain
   Alfred J. Church,  The Crusaders
   Alfred J. Church,  Helmet and Spear
   Alfred J. Church,  Nicias and the Sicilian Expedition
   Alfred J. Church,  Pictures from Greek Life and Story
   Alfred J. Church,  Pictures from Roman Life and Story
   Alfred J. Church,  Roman Life in the Days of Cicero
   Alfred J. Church,  Stories from Ancient Rome
   Alfred J. Church,  Stories from English History: I
   Alfred J. Church,  Stories From English History: II
   Alfred J. Church,  Stories From English History: III
   Alfred J. Church,  Stories from Livy
   Alfred J. Church,  Stories of the East from Herodotus
   Alfred J. Church,  The Story of the Last Days of Jerusalem
   Alfred J. Church,  The Story of the Persian War
   Ian D. Colvin,  South Africa
   Lena Dalkeith,  Stories from French History
   Francis S. Drake,  Indian History for Young Folks
   Paul du Chaillu,  Lost in the Jungle
   Paul du Chaillu,  My Apingi Kingdom
   Paul du Chaillu,  Stories of the Gorilla Country
   Paul du Chaillu,  The Country of the Dwarfs
   Paul du Chaillu,  Wild Life Under the Equator
   Charles A. Eastman,  Indian Boyhood
   Edward Eggleston,  A First Book in American History
   John Esquemeling,  The Buccaneers of America
   Lawton B. Evans,  America First
   Lawton B. Evans,  Old Time Tales
   John Finnemore,  Barbary Rovers
   John Finnemore,  France: Peeps at History
   John Finnemore,  Germany: Peeps at History
   John Finnemore,  Japan: Peeps at History
   Chelsea Curtis Fraser,  Boys' Book of Battles
   Chelsea Curtis Fraser,  Boys' Book of Sea Fights
   C. J. B. Gaskoin,  The Hanoverians
   Edward Gilliat,  Heroes of the Indian Mutiny
   William E. Griffis,  Child Life in Japan
   William E. Griffis,  China's Story
   George Bird Grinnell,  When Buffalo Ran
   Helene A. Guerber,  The Story of Old France
   Helene A. Guerber,  The Story of the Greeks
   Helene A. Guerber,  The Story of the Romans
   Jennie Hall,  Viking Tales
   Samuel B. Harding,  The Story of England
   Samuel B. Harding,  The Story of the Middle Ages
   Howard C. Hillegas,  Oom Paul's People
   Howard C. Hillegas,  With the Boer Forces
   George Hodges,  The Early Church, from Ignatius to Augustine
   Beatrice Home,  Canada: Peeps at History
   Beatrice Home,  India: Peeps at History
   Beatrice Home,  Ireland: Peeps at History
   Charles F. Horne,  Greatest Nations : Spain
   Charles F. Horne,  Greatest Nations: X—Turkey
   Oliver Otis Howard,  Famous Indian Chiefs I Have Known
   Margaret Duncan Kelly,  Mexico
   Janet Harvey Kelman,  Stories from the Crusades
   A. W. Kinglake,  Eothen: Traces of Travel in the East
   John Lang,  The Land of the Golden Trade
   Marion Florence Lansing,  Barbarian and Noble
   Marion Florence Lansing,  Patriots and Tyrants
   G. A. Leask,  Heroes of the Great War
   Ethelwyn Lemon,  Stories from Greek History
   Isabel Lovell,  Stories in Stone from the Roman Forum
   Mary Macgregor,  The Netherlands
   Mary Macgregor,  Stories of the Vikings
   Mary Macgregor,  The Story of France
   Mary Macgregor,  The Story of Greece
   Mary Macgregor,  The Story of Rome
   Donald A. Mackenzie,  Heroes and Heroic Deeds of the Great War
   H. E. Marshall,  A History of Germany
   H. E. Marshall,  Our Empire Story
   H. E. Marshall,  Our Island Story
   H. E. Marshall,  Scotland's Story
   H. E. Marshall,  The Story of Europe
   H. E. Marshall,  This Country of Ours
   John Masefield,  Gallipoli
   Charles Morris,  Historical Tales: 10—Greek
   Charles Morris,  Historical Tales: 11—Roman
   Charles Morris,  Historical Tales: 12—Japanese and Chinese
   Charles Morris,  Historical Tales: 1—American
   Charles Morris,  Historical Tales: 2--American Volume II
   Charles Morris,  Historical Tales: 3—Spanish American
   Charles Morris,  Historical Tales: 4—English
   Charles Morris,  Historical Tales: 5—German
   Charles Morris,  Historical Tales: 7—Spanish
   Charles Morris,  Historical Tales: 8--Russian
   Charles Morris,  Historical Tales: 9--Scandinavian
   Charles Morris,  Historical Tales:6— French
   Charles Morris,  The Story of Mexico
   Frederick A. Ober,  Spain: History for Young Readers
   Mara L. Pratt,  American History Stories, Volume I
   Mara L. Pratt,  American History Stories, Volume II
   Mara L. Pratt,  American History Stories, Volume III
   Mara L. Pratt,  American History Stories, Volume IV
   Margaret B. Pumphrey,  Stories of the Pilgrims
   Edwin L. Sabin,  Boy's Book of Border Battles
   Edwin L. Sabin,  Boy's Book of Indian Warriors
   William Shepard,  Our Young Folk's Josephus
   Frank R. Stockton,  Buccaneers and Pirates of our Coasts
   Victor Surridge,  India
   M. B. Synge,  The Awakening of Europe
   M. B. Synge,  A Book of Discovery
   M. B. Synge,  Brave Men and Brave Deeds
   M. B. Synge,  The Discovery of New Worlds
   M. B. Synge,  The Growth of the British Empire
   M. B. Synge,  On the Shores of the Great Sea
   M. B. Synge,  The Struggle for Sea Power
   M. B. Synge,  The Reign of Queen Victoria
   M. B. Synge,  The Tudors and Stuarts
   Eva March Tappan,  The Story of the Greek People
   Eva March Tappan,  The Story of the Roman People
   Eva March Tappan,  The Little Book of the War
   Eva March Tappan,  When Knights Were Bold
   Roland G. Usher,  The Story of the Great War
   Demetra Vaka,  Haremlik—Lives of Turkish Women
   Robert Van Bergen,  A Boy of Old Japan
   Robert Van Bergen,  The Story of China
   Robert Van Bergen,  The Story of Japan
   Robert Van Bergen,  The Story of Russia
   Hendrik Willem Van Loon,  The Story of Mankind
   E. M. Wilmot-Buxton,  The Story of the Crusades
   Eric Wood,  The Boy's Book of Battles
   Eric Wood,  Thrilling Deeds of British Airmen
   Frances Younghusband,  The Retreat of the Ten Thousand

Holiday Stories

   Amelia C. Houghton,  The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus
   Frances Jenkins Olcott,  Good Stories for Great Holidays
   Ruth Sawyer,  This Way to Christmas
   Elva S. Smith,  Christmas in Legend and Story
   Evaleen Stein,  The Christmas Porringer
   Kate Douglas Wiggin,  The Birds' Christmas Carol


   James Baldwin,  The Sampo
   James Baldwin,  The Story of Roland
   James Baldwin,  The Story of Siegfried
   Louey Chisholm,  Celtic Tales Told to the Children
   Alfred J. Church,  The Aeneid for Boys and Girls
   Alfred J. Church,  The Iliad for Boys and Girls
   Alfred J. Church,  The Odyssey for Boys and Girls
   Alfred J. Church,  Stories of Charlemagne and the Twelve Peers of France
   Alfred J. Church,  Stories of the Magicians
   Padraic Colum,  The Boy Who Knew What the Birds Said
   Padraic Colum,  The King of Ireland's Son
   George Bird Grinnell,  Blackfeet Indian Stories
   Eleanor Hull,  The Boys' Cuchulain
   Washington Irving,  Irving's Alhambra
   Jeanie Lang,  Stories from the Iliad Told to the Children
   Jeanie Lang,  Stories from the Odyssey Told to the Children
   John Lang,  Stories of the Border Marches
   Marion Florence Lansing,  Page, Esquire, and Knight
   Hamilton Wright Mabie,  Legends Every Child Should Know
   Mary Macgregor,  Stories of King Arthur's Knights
   Mary Macgregor,  Stories of Siegfried Told to the Children
   Cyrus Macmillan,  Canadian Wonder Tales
   H. E. Marshall,  Stories of Beowulf Told to the Children
   H. E. Marshall,  Stories of Guy of Warwick Told to the Children
   H. E. Marshall,  Stories of Robin Hood Told to the Children
   H. E. Marshall,  Stories of Roland Told to the Children
   H. E. Marshall,  Stories of William Tell Told to the Children
   Frances Jenkins Olcott,  The Red Indian Fairy Book
   Horace Elisha Scudder,  The Book of Legends
   Maude Radford Warren,  King Arthur and His Knights
   Calvin Dill Wilson,  The Story of the Cid for Young People


   Mary E. Burt,  Stories from Plato and Other Classic Writers
   Alfred J. Church,  Stories from the Greek Comedians
   Alfred J. Church,  Stories from the Greek Tragedians
   Charles and Mary Lamb,  Tales from Shakespeare
   John Lang,  Gulliver's Travels
   Mary Macgregor,  Stories from Dante
   H. E. Marshall,  English Literature for Boys and Girls
   Edith Nesbit,  Beautiful Stories from Shakespeare
   C. E. Smith,  Stories from Wagner Told to the Children
   Kate Dickenson Sweetser,  Ten Boys from Dickens
   Eva March Tappan,  The Chaucer Story Book


   James Baldwin,  Old Greek Stories
   James Baldwin,  A Story of the Golden Age of Greek Heroes
   James Baldwin,  The Wonder-Book of Horses
   Abbie Farwell Brown,  In the Days of Giants
   Elsie Finnimore Buckley,  Children of the Dawn
   Padraic Colum,  The Children of Odin: A Book of Northern Myths
   Padraic Colum,  The Golden Fleece and the Heroes Who Lived Before Achilles
   Robert Edward Francillon,  Gods and Heroes
   Jennie Hall,  Four Old Greeks
   Samuel B. Harding,  Greek Gods, Heroes, and Men
   Nathaniel Hawthorne,  Tanglewood Tales
   Nathaniel Hawthorne,  A Wonder Book for Girls and Boys
   W. M. L. Hutchinson,  The Golden Porch
   A. & E. Keary,  The Heroes of Asgard
   Charles Kingsley,  The Heroes
   Hamilton Wright Mabie,  Norse Stories Retold from the Eddas
   Josephine Preston Peabody,  Old Greek Folk Stories Told Anew
   Charles D. Shaw,  Stories of the Ancient Greeks


   Arabella Buckley,  Birds of the Air
   Arabella Buckley,  By Pond and River
   Arabella Buckley,  Wild Life in Woods and Field
   W. S. Furneaux,  A Nature Study Guide

Nature Stories

   Jane Andrews,  The Stories Mother Nature Told Her Children
   Thornton Burgess,  The Adventures of Danny Meadow Mouse
   Thornton Burgess,  The Adventures of Jimmy Skunk
   Thornton Burgess,  The Adventures of Peter Cottontail
   Thornton Burgess,  The Burgess Animal Book for Children
   Thornton Burgess,  The Burgess Bird Book for Children
   John Burroughs,  Squirrels and Other Fur-Bearers
   William J. Long,  A Little Brother to the Bear
   William J. Long,  School of the Woods
   William J. Long,  Secrets of the Woods
   William J. Long,  Ways of Wood Folk
   Charles Major,  The Bears of Blue River
   Clara Dillingham Pierson,  Among the Farmyard People
   Clara Dillingham Pierson,  Among the Forest People
   Clara Dillingham Pierson,  Among the Meadow People
   Clara Dillingham Pierson,  Among the Night People
   Clara Dillingham Pierson,  Among the Pond People
   Clara Dillingham Pierson,  Dooryard Stories
   Edmund Selous,  Jack's Insects
   Ernest Thompson Seton,  Wild Animals I Have Known

Nature Study

   George F. Atkinson,  First Studies of Plant Life
   Richard Headstrom,  The Living Year
   Edith M. Patch,  Bird Stories
   Edith M. Patch,  First Lessons in Nature Study
   Edith M. Patch,  Hexapod Stories
   Edith M. Patch,  Holiday Meadow
   Edith M. Patch,  Outdoor Visits
   Edith M. Patch,  Through Four Seasons
   Dallas Lore Sharp,  The Fall of the Year
   Dallas Lore Sharp,  The Lay of the Land
   Dallas Lore Sharp,  The Spring of the Year
   Dallas Lore Sharp,  Winter


    Plato,  Apology


   Hilaire Belloc,  A Moral Alphabet
   Hilaire Belloc,  Cautionary Tales for Children
   Hilaire Belloc,  More Beasts for Worse Children
   Hilaire Belloc,  The Bad Child's Book of Beasts
   Mary E. Burt,  Poems Every Child Should Know
   Ada Skinner,  A Child's Own Book of Verse, Book One
   Ada Skinner,  A Child's Own Book of Verse, Book Three
   Ada Skinner,  A Child's Own Book of Verse, Book Two


   James Baldwin,  Fairy Stories and Fables
   Harriette Taylor Treadwell,  READING-LITERATURE: First Reader
   Harriette Taylor Treadwell,  READING-LITERATURE: The Primer


   Arabella Buckley,  The Fairy-Land of Science
   Archie Frederick Collins,  Wonders of Chemistry
   Jean Henri Fabre,  The Life of the Spider
   Jean Henri Fabre,  The Secret of Everyday Things
   Jean Henri Fabre,  The Story Book of Science
   Charles R. Gibson,  War Inventions and How they were Invented
   Charles R. Gibson,  The Wonders of Scientific Discovery
   Charles Kingsley,  Madam How and Lady Why
   Bertha Morris Parker,  Matter, Molecules, and Atoms

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