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Factors to Consider in Selecting a Book

Each book on this site must satisfy these requirements.

But there are other factors that you may want to take into consideration when you are selecting a book. You may want to give higher priority to a book that...

  • is no longer in print (or is only available at a high price) rather than a book that is readily available.

  • consists of stories that can stand alone. Then you add to the collection of stories that can be incorporated into anthologies.

  • you already have a copy of or can easily acquire a copy of.

  • you want to read to your children now. Then you can combine proofreading with reading aloud.

  • you want to become more familiar with.

  • is an old favorite of yours that you would like to share with a new generation of children.

  • is already available in another electronic format so text preparation time would be greatly reduced.

  • is in a category for which no other e-texts are available.
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