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Books Awaiting Volunteers to Work on Them


Jennie Ellis Keysor,  Great Artists: Volume II

Jennie Ellis Keysor,  Great Artists: Volume III

Jennie Ellis Keysor,  Great Artists: Volume IV

Jennie Ellis Keysor,  Great Artists: Volume V

Fairy Tales

Horace E. Scudder,  The Children's Book

Howard Pyle,  Wonder Clock

Hans Christian Andersen,  Wonder Stories Told for Children

Faith Stories

Ella Noyes,  Saints of Italy


Edward Eggleston,  First book in American History

William Shepard,  Our Young Folks' Josephus

Isabel Lovell,  Stories in Stone from the Roman Forum (All sections assigned)

James Baldwin,  In My Youth

Science and Mathematics

David E. Smith,  Number Stories of Long Ago

Jean Henri Fabre,  The Wonder Book of Chemistry (All sections assigned)

Jean Henri Fabre,  Our Humble Helpers


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Let me know what other books you would like to have published by sending email to Lisa@MainLesson.com, with "Book Suggestion" as the subject of the email.

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