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The Best Online Classic Children's Books


37 Books in All Genres


Historical Fiction

Lucy Fitch Perkins,  The Puritan Twins

Collective Biography

Edward Eggleston,  Stories of Great Americans for Little Americans
Gertrude van Duyn Southworth,  Builders of Our Country: Book II
James Baldwin,  Four Great Americans
Charles A. Eastman,  Indian Heroes and Great Chieftains

Individual Biography

James Baldwin,  In My Youth
Mary A. Hamilton,  The Story of Abraham Lincoln


Paul Reinsch,  The Young Citizen's Reader

Ethical Faith Stories

James Baldwin,  An American Book of Golden Deeds
Charles A. Eastman,  The Soul of the Indian


Edward E. Hale,  The Man Without a Country
Jack London,  Call of the Wild
Dorothy Canfield Fisher,  Understood Betsy

Historical Fiction

Carolyn Sherwin Bailey,  Boys and Girls of Colonial Days
James Otis,  Richard of Jamestown
James Otis,  Ruth of Boston
James Otis,  Stephen of Philadelphia
James Otis,  Peter of New Amsterdam

Short Fiction

Various Writers,  Short Story Collection

Comprehensive History

H. E. Marshall,  This Country of Ours
Mara L. Pratt,  American History Stories, Volume I
Mara L. Pratt,  American History Stories, Volume II
Mara L. Pratt,  American History Stories, Volume III
Mara L. Pratt,  American History Stories, Volume IV
Charles Morris,  Historical Tales: 2--American Volume II
Francis S. Drake,  Indian History for Young Folks
Charles Morris,  Historical Tales: 1—American

Episodic History

Lawton B. Evans,  America First
Margaret B. Pumphrey,  Stories of the Pilgrims
Oliver Otis Howard,  Famous Indian Chiefs I Have Known
Edwin L. Sabin,  Boy's Book of Indian Warriors

Military History

Edwin L. Sabin,  Boy's Book of Border Battles

Social History

Charles A. Eastman,  Indian Boyhood
George Bird Grinnell,  When Buffalo Ran


George Bird Grinnell,  Blackfeet Indian Stories
Cyrus Macmillan,  Canadian Wonder Tales
Frances Jenkins Olcott,  The Red Indian Fairy Book