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The Best Online Classic Children's Books

Ancient Greece

42 Books in All Genres


Collective Biography

F. J. Gould,  The Children's Plutarch: Tales of the Greeks
John H. Haaren,  Famous Men of Greece
W. H. Weston,  Plutarch's Lives for Boys and Girls
Rosalie Kaufman,  Our Young Folks' Plutarch

Individual Biography

Jacob Abbott,  Pyrrhus
Jacob Abbott,  Alexander the Great
Jacob Abbott,  Cyrus the Great
Jacob Abbott,  Darius the Great
Jacob Abbott,  Xerxes

Historical Fiction

Alfred J. Church,  Callias - The Fall of Athens
Alfred J. Church,  Three Greek Children
Julia Darrow Cowles,  Our Little Athenian Cousin of Long Ago
Lucy Fitch Perkins,  The Spartan Twins
Alfred J. Church,  A Young Macedonian in the Army of Alexander the Great

Comprehensive History

Helene A. Guerber,  The Story of the Greeks
Mary Macgregor,  The Story of Greece
Charles Morris,  Historical Tales: 10—Greek
Eva March Tappan,  The Story of the Greek People

Episodic History

Alfred J. Church,  Pictures from Greek Life and Story
Alfred J. Church,  The Story of the Persian War
Ethelwyn Lemon,  Stories from Greek History
Frances Younghusband,  The Retreat of the Ten Thousand
Alfred J. Church,  Stories of the East from Herodotus

Military History

Alfred J. Church,  Nicias and the Sicilian Expedition
Alfred J. Church,  Helmet and Spear


Alfred J. Church,  The Iliad for Boys and Girls
Alfred J. Church,  The Odyssey for Boys and Girls

Adapted Literature

Alfred J. Church,  Stories from the Greek Comedians
Alfred J. Church,  Stories from the Greek Tragedians
Mary E. Burt,  Stories from Plato and Other Classic Writers


Padraic Colum,  The Golden Fleece and the Heroes Who Lived Before Achilles
Samuel B. Harding,  Greek Gods, Heroes, and Men
Elsie Finnimore Buckley,  Children of the Dawn
W. M. L. Hutchinson,  The Golden Porch

Greek Mythology

James Baldwin,  Old Greek Stories
Robert Edward Francillon,  Gods and Heroes
Charles Kingsley,  The Heroes
Josephine Preston Peabody,  Old Greek Folk Stories Told Anew
Charles D. Shaw,  Stories of the Ancient Greeks
James Baldwin,  A Story of the Golden Age of Greek Heroes
Nathaniel Hawthorne,  Tanglewood Tales
Nathaniel Hawthorne,  A Wonder Book for Girls and Boys