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The Best Online Classic Children's Books

Spain and Latin America

26 Books in All Genres


Collective Biography

Frederick W. Hutchinson,  The Men Who Found America

Individual Biography

Frederick A. Ober,  Hernando Cortes
Frederick A. Ober,  Ferdinand Magellan
Frederick A. Ober,  Fernando De Soto
Frederick A. Ober,  Amerigo Vespucci
Frederick A. Ober,  Balboa
Frederick A. Ober,  Juan Ponce de Leon
Oliver Otis Howard,  Isabella of Castile


Frederick A. Ober,  For Prey and Spoils

Realilstic Fiction

Lucy Fitch Perkins,  The Mexican Twins


Edith A. Browne,  Peeps at Many Lands: Panama
Edith A. Browne,  Peeps at Many Lands: South America
Agnes M. Goodall,  Peeps at Many Lands: Portugal
Edith A. Browne,  Peeps at Many Lands : Spain

Comprehensive History

Margaret Duncan Kelly,  Mexico
Charles Morris,  Historical Tales: 3—Spanish American
Charles Morris,  The Story of Mexico
John S. C. Abbott,  The Romance of Spanish History
John Bonner,  A Child's History of Spain
Charles F. Horne,  Greatest Nations : Spain
Frederick A. Ober,  Spain: History for Young Readers
Charles Morris,  Historical Tales: 7—Spanish

Episodic History

John Esquemeling,  The Buccaneers of America
Frank R. Stockton,  Buccaneers and Pirates of our Coasts


Washington Irving,  Irving's Alhambra
Calvin Dill Wilson,  The Story of the Cid for Young People