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The Best Online Classic Children's Books


12 Books in All Genres


Fairy Tales

George Webbe Dasent,  Popular Tales from the Norse

Historical Fiction

Allen French,  The Story of Rolf and the Viking's Bow

Comprehensive History

Mary Macgregor,  Stories of the Vikings
Charles Morris,  Historical Tales: 9--Scandinavian

Episodic History

Jennie Hall,  Viking Tales


James Baldwin,  The Story of Siegfried
James Baldwin,  The Sampo
Mary Macgregor,  Stories of Siegfried Told to the Children


Padraic Colum,  The Children of Odin: A Book of Northern Myths
A. & E. Keary,  The Heroes of Asgard
Hamilton Wright Mabie,  Norse Stories Retold from the Eddas
Abbie Farwell Brown,  In the Days of Giants