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The Best Online Classic Children's Books

Ancient Rome

26 Books in All Genres


Collective Biography

F. J. Gould,  The Children's Plutarch: Tales of the Romans
John H. Haaren,  Famous Men of Rome
Eva March Tappan,  Old World Hero Stories, Vol. I

Individual Biography

Jacob Abbott,  Hannibal
Jacob Abbott,  Cleopatra
Jacob Abbott,  Julius Caesar
Jacob Abbott,  Nero
Jacob Abbott,  Romulus

Historical Fiction

Alfred J. Church,  The Burning of Rome
Alfred J. Church,  Lucius. Adventures of a Roman Boy
Alfred J. Church,  To the Lions
Alfred J. Church,  The Count on the Saxon Shore
Alfred J. Church,  The Crown of Pine
Alfred J. Church,  Lords of the World

Christian History

George Hodges,  The Early Church, from Ignatius to Augustine

Comprehensive History

Alfred J. Church,  Stories from Livy
Helene A. Guerber,  The Story of the Romans
Mary Macgregor,  The Story of Rome
Charles Morris,  Historical Tales: 11—Roman
Eva March Tappan,  The Story of the Roman People

Episodic History

Alfred J. Church,  Pictures from Roman Life and Story
Alfred J. Church,  Roman Life in the Days of Cicero
Alfred J. Church,  Stories from Ancient Rome
Isabel Lovell,  Stories in Stone from the Roman Forum
Alfred J. Church,  The Story of the Last Days of Jerusalem


Alfred J. Church,  The Aeneid for Boys and Girls