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Books about Storytelling

Author Title Comment
Carolyn Sherwin Bailey For the Story Teller 1913
Sara Cone Bryant How to Tell Stories to Children 1905, Gutenberg version available
Sara Cone Bryant Stories to Tell to Children 1907
Julia Darrow Cowles The Art of Story Telling 1914
J. Berg Esenwein and Marietta Stockard Children's Stories and How to Tell Them 1917
Angela M. Keyes Stories and Story-telling 1911
Laura F. Kready A Study of Fairy Tales 1916
Edna Lyman Story Telling: What to Tell and How to Tell It 1914
Emelyn Newcomb Partridge and George Everett Partridge Story-telling in School and Home 1919
Marie L. Shedlock The Art of the Story-Teller 1916, in print
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