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Bibliographic Sources

The works are listed in general order of their usefulness to me. The first book in the list, A World of Stories for Children, has been especially valuable, not only because it is the most comprehensive anthology of folk tales that I have encountered, but also because of the extensive discussion of bibliographic references included on pp. 821-823.

A World of Stories for Children by Barrett H. Clark and M. Jagendorf, 1940

Realms of Gold in Children's Books compiled by Bertha E. Mahony and Elinor Whitney, 1929

Index to Fairy Tales, Myths, and Legends by Mary Huse Eastman, 1926

Manual of Stories by William Byron Forbush, 1915

Fingerposts to Children's Reading by Walter Taylor Field, 1918

The Children's Reading by Frances Jenkins Olcott, 1912

Catalogue of Books in the Children's Department of the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, 1909

Annotated Catalogue of Books Used in the Home Libraries and Reading Clubs Conducted by the Children's Department, Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, 1905

A Study of Fairy Tales by Laura F. Kready, 1916

How To Tell Stories to Children by Sara Cone Bryant, 1905

Anthology of Children's Literature by Edna Johnson, Carrie E. Scott, and Evelyn R. Sickels, 1935, 1948

The Arbuthnot Anthology of Children's Literature compiled by May Hill Arbuthnot, 1952, 1953

The Book of Virtues by William J. Bennett, 1993

The Moral Compass by William J. Bennett, 1995

The Children's Hour, 10 vols., selected and arranged by Eva March Tappan, 1907

The Junior Classics, 10 vols., selected and arranged by William Patten, 1912, 1918

The New Junior Classics, 10 vols., edited by Mabel Williams and Marcia Dalphin, 1938

Journeys Through Bookland, 10 vols., by Charles H. Sylvester, 1909

The Young Folks Treasury, 12 vols., by Hamilton Wright Mabie, Edward Everett Hale, and William Byron Forbush, 1919

My Bookhouse, 6 vols., edited by Olive Beaupré Miller, 1921, 1922

My Roads to Childhood, by Anne Carroll Moore, 1920, 1923, 1926

How to Grow a Young Reader: Books from Every Age for Readers of Every Age by Kathryn Lindskoog and Ranelda Mack Hunsicker, 1999

Who Reads What When by Jane A. Williams, 1988

A Landscape with Dragons by Michael D. O'Brien, 1998

Books That Build Character by William Kilpatrick and Gregory and Suzanne Wolfe, 1994

Books Children Love by Elizabeth Wilson, 1988

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